New muon g-2 experiment

Very lately, we start thinking about the possibility to improve the BNL E821 accuracy substantially. It is triggered by N. Saito from KEK to devote to totally new idea toward new generation g-2 experiment.

- present idea for new g-2 experiment (v3.0) 18/10/2008

- grant-in-aid final submission (ver.3 Japanese) 06/11/2008(pdf)

- preparation files for grant-in-aid (Japanese: kiban-S) 31/10/2008(pdf), 31/10/2008(doc)


- presentation file of new laser by S. Wada05/11/2008

- presentation file of g-2 idea by M. Iwasaki05/11/2008

Reference materials for g-2 experiment

- E821 final paper PHYSICAL REVIEW D 73, 072003 (2006)

- E821 final NIM paper Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 579 (2007) 1096

- Present laser system by B.Pavel et al.,

(presentation) 2/10/2008, Spectrochimica Acta Part B 58 (2003) 1019

latest NIM paper for RIKEN-RAL muonium laser ionization Nucl. Instr. Meth. B 266 (2008) 335-346

laser cabin amp table space

- New laser scheme proposed by S.Wada (Japanese) 3/9/2008

Reference materials for muonium

- muon capillary focusingJPAPCapillary.pdf


- presentation file ortho-positronium experiment (Japanese) 12/6/2006

Kataoka-san‖s (U.Tokyo) presentation file found on web. (do not distribute)

- KLAUS P. JUNGMANN‖s paper for muonium

- Test of CPT and Lorentz Invariance from Muonium Spectroscopy hep-ex-0106103v1.pdf

- PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF MUONIUMnucl-ex-0404013v1.pdf

- Input from A. Olin Leanne Janissen's Masters thesis

Hi, Masa. I'm attaching a section of Leanne Janissen's Masters thesis when she was measuring muonium yields. She also published some of this in Phys Rev A. I draw your attention to p48 where she mentions some promissing results from a sample of Opti-Pur that we got from Merck. This may well have better physical properties for your application.

- Muonium production from fine silica powder CM-P00068293.pdf

Materials for g-2 idea paper

- subdirectory most updated snapshot


Beamline for slow muon production

- idea to focus slow muons using static electroric fields meeting09092009.pdf