J-PARC E15 Experiment

-- A search for deeply-bound kaonic nuclear states by the in-flight 3He(K-,n) reaction --

Experimental Summary

The E15 experiment searches for the simplest anti-kaonic nuclear bound state, K-pp cluster that consists of two protons and one anti-kaon, by delivering secondary anti-kaon beam into Helium-3 (3He) target. Existence of "anti-kaonic nuclear bound states" is theoretically predicted as more compact and dense nuclear state than normal nucleus. If such extra-ordinarily nuclei really exist we can produce ultra-high density matter, like inside of neutron stars, in a laboratory.


2006.6: proposal submission --> stage-1 approval [1st PAC]
2007.1: stage-2 approval [2nd PAC]
2009.1: completion of the beam-line spectrometer
2009.2: first beam to the K1.8BR beam-line [RUN#22]
2010.4: completion of the cylindrical detector system
2010.11: completion of the 3He-target system
2012.2: completion of beam-line commissioning for 1.0 GeV/c [RUN#40]
2012.4: completion of the neutron counter --> ready to run
2012.6: engineering run started with full set-up [RUN#43]
2013.3: 1st-production run [RUN#47]
2013.5: 1st-production run [RUN#49c]
2015.11-12: 2nd-production run [RUN#65]
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Proposal / PAC



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